No place for Russia at this week’s G20 meeting, says US Treasury secretary

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Russian officials have no place at this week’s G20 meetings of finance ministers and central bankers given the country’s war against Ukraine and the repercussions it has for the global economy, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Thursday on the eve of meetings in Indonesia.

“Russia’s actions are not the actions of a government that upholds international norms and laws. Representatives of the Putin regime have no place at this forum,” Yellen said during a press briefing ahead of the gathering.

The G7 nations have argued that Russia shouldn’t attend their meetings so long as the country is in violation of international law. However, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who currently holds the G7 presidency, said in late June that “as things stand today,” all G7 leaders would attend the G20 summit in Indonesia this November even if Russian President Vladimir Putin participated. For this week’s meeting, Russia Finance Minister Anton Siluanov will attend via videolink.

“I’ve made clear to there cannot be business as usual with respect to Russia’s participation at these meetings,” Yellen said when asked whether she may walk out on Russian officials. “And I can tell you that I certainly expect to express in the strongest possible terms my views on Russia’s invasion, the war against Ukraine.”

“I expect that many of my colleagues will do the same,” Yellen added.

Yellen said she would use the forum to continue to push for a cap on Russian oil prices that would limit Moscow’s ability to finance its war and while curbing global inflation.

Paola Tamma contributed reporting.