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Home is where your heart is, so drive home, drive safely, while driving – entertain and educate yourself with Europian radio 

Listen to uplifting adult contemperary music created in Europe.

– the best way to get  in synchronicity with your home and whole EU ongoings

Uplifting music, made in EU, honest and Short summary of the European and global news.

What awaits you?



Listen to uplifting adult contemperary music created in Europe. Uplifting music, made in EU, made by Europeans. Selected with love, wisely and proudly by Europeans.



10 questions, 10 answers

Programme where you can listen 10 answers from EU leaders - your neighbors. 10 questions, limited time frame. 10 questions, 10 answers - Europes opinion. It is a game, its a new kind of news aboout living and thinking in EU.

10 questions, 10 answers

10 brief opinion leaders’ answers to questions about the current  news.
We are excited to present to you the diverse perspectives of ten different opinion leaders on current events. Each of these individuals brings unique insights, opinions, and expertise to the table. Through their responses to the questions we have posed to them, you will get a well-rounded understanding of the latest happenings in the world today. Our goal with this project is to provide you with a comprehensive and informative analysis of the news, from the viewpoints of people who really know what they are talking about. Whether you are a news junkie or just someone looking to stay informed, we believe that our opinion leaders’ answers will be insightful, interesting, and thought-provoking.